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On Sunday, in the ballroom under the same roof as the worlds greatest motorcars, a dazzling array of the worlds most beautiful and technically advanced-for-their-age bicycles will be brought together.  The main focus is lightweight racing and touring bicycles from the 1930’s through mid 1980’s.  Modern custom built bicycles (with an emphasis on steel) will also be on display.

High-performance, non-suspension mountain bikes of the period are invited. Antique bicycles and especially those from the 1920’s and 1930’s are warmly welcomed.

The organizers of Classic Bicycles Auburn want to “curate” a fantastic display of vintage bicycles, but also recognize that folks really enjoy displaying their pride-and-joy.  Therefore the organizers screen bicycles to make sure they are of a minimal quality standard, but are committed to not being overly restrictive.  This should be fun, not like trying to qualify for a mortgage!

Bicycle Registration for Weekend Attendees Opens February 27th


Judging and Awards

We will be revising this information as the 2024 event gets closer

There will be a great number of amazing bicycles on display.  It’s going to be an exciting challenge to judge and evaluate them.  

There will be a two-tier structure to awards. 

First, bicycles will be assigned “groups” with defining characteristics likely to include nationality, age, bicycle type,  small vs large manufacturer, restoration status, and possibly “user” vs garage queen.  The exact group definitions won’t be decided until the overall list of approved bicycle entries is considered.  An objective is to place bicycles in groups of relatively comparable size.  So there will be a number of “groups”, and the winner of each group will receive a well-deserved certificate.

Second, there will be “trophies” awarded that will transcend the strict boundaries of an individual “group”.  Winning one of these trophies will convey serious bragging rights!  

And of course, modern construction “keeper of the flame” steel frame bicycles will have a valued place in the show!


Bicycle Registration

In general, at this time, if you sign up for a weekend pass to the show, on a first-come-first-served basis, you are nearly but not completely assured of being able to display at least one bicycle and in many cases two.  If your bikes are exceptional, we may approve more than two for display.  It’s possible we may approve one or two, and put others you have on a “wait list.”

There are tentative non-finalized plans for additional “pop-up” displays on Friday and Saturday.  Friday would be resto-mod/user bikes, Saturday afternoon unsung US custom built bikes, and Saturday night at the banquet, production bikes.  So this will be a great opportunity to show of your pride-and-joy instead of (or possibly in addition to) Sunday’s main show.

Registration Specifics

If you purchase a weekend pass, you will be sent a link to a gmail form within a few days of February 27th.  Starting on February 27th, you will fill out a form for each bicycle you wish to enter.  You will be then notified within a few days if your bicycle(s) is accepted.   If you purchase a weekend pass later on (remember early-bird pricing ends February 29th) there may still be room for your bikes – but don’t count on it as we are unsure when Sunday’s show will fill up.  If you’ve registered for a weekend pass but you don’t register your bikes within the period specified on the email you receive (you’ll have at least a week) you may loose your priority spot for bicycle registration.

Note – if you would really like to attend Classic Bicycles Auburn for the full weekend but life circumstances prevent you from attending on Friday and Saturday, please contact us and we may be able to make some accommodation.  We don’t want folks registering for the full weekend so they can lock in Sunday bike show “priority”.  That will waste food.  We’ll work with you on a case by case basis.  But in general, we want to give priority to those committing for the entire weekend.





Additional Information

You will need a stand to support your bicycle that is not wobbly.  More info below.  We need to avoid damaging the ballroom floor, so sharp contact points on your bicycle and/or stand most be treated to avoid damage. 

Volunteers will have their eyes on the display area, but neither the museum nor Classic Bicycles Auburn can be responsible for loss or damage to your bicycle.  There may be a waiver to fill out when you arrive to display your bicycle

Unlike some shows, if a bicycle you are showing is also for sale, you can provide your cell number and it will be printed on your bike’s display sign. 

Stand Info

We want bikes on stands so they aren’t tippy.  Tippy is subjective, but if folks do their best to bring stable stands we should be fine.

A stand that offers what we think offers a minimal level of stability is the Superstand shown below.. 

You can purchase one in advance and it will be waiting for you at the show.  Click Here.

A great stand is the Nitto C-2 – any shop that buys form EuroAsia imports can source one for you.  But it’s pricey.

There are other stands that support one or both sides of the axle which work nicely.  The key is someone should be able to gently back into a bike without it tipping over as they “feel” the bike and stop backing into it!

Below are images of stands that are too tippy.  We think the common feedback stands are too tippy – relative to the Superstand, just a slight bump makes the bike fall over.

All Stands Below Are Unacceptable

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