Bicycle Show

Sunday Bicycle Show

Starting July 23rd there will be a list at the bottom of this page of a few of the bicycles that we know will be on display! 


On Sunday, in the ballroom under the same roof as the worlds greatest motorcars, a dazzling array of the worlds most beautiful and technically advanced-for-their-age bicycles will be brought together.  The main focus is lightweight racing and touring bicycles from the 1930’s through mid 1980’s.  Modern custom built bicycles (with an emphasis on steel) will also be on display either inside or under the builder tent outside.

High-performance, non-suspension mountain bikes of the period are invited. There will also be a display area set aside for antique bicycles (especially those from the 1920’s and 1930’s).

The organizers will pre-screen bicycles entered into the show for appropriateness, and to be sure that the focus of the event is maintained.  The organizers want to make this an inclusive and fun day for everyone, so screening will not be overly restrictive.  Plus we’ll be gathering information necessary to make some signage for your bicycle!

 Details and registration information below

Note that in the case of extremely nice weather, the Bicycle Show may be moved outside.  


Judging and Awards

There will be a great number of amazing bicycles on display.  It’s going to be an exciting challenge to judge and evaluate them.  

There will be a two-tier structure to awards.  First, bicycles will be assigned “groups” with defining characteristics including but not limited to nationality, age, bicycle type,  small vs large manufacturer, restoration status, and “user” vs garage queen.  The exact definition of a group won’t be decided until August 16th.  But there will be a number of “groups”, and the winner of each group will receive a well-deserved certificate.

Second, there will be some “trophies” awarded that will transcend the strict boundaries of “group”.  Here is a preliminary (subject to revision) list of trophies:

Best overall bicycle in show, best pre-1960 bicycle, best post-1960 bicycle,  best example of the bicycle building craft, best original paint bicycle, best repainted bicycle, and peoples choice best bicycle.

Modern construction “keeper of the flame” steel frame bicycles are welcome in the display!


Registration to Display a Bicycle

The bicycle display area is large  – but we may run out of room and need to be a bit selective in what bicycles are “approved” for display.  But we know folks like to show off their pride(s) and joy, so here’s how we’ll keep it fun and relaxed.

(1)  Until space starts getting tight, on a first-come-first-served basis, everyone will have their first one or two bicycles they wish to display “approved”.  This can change as the display field starts filling up – so act soon!

(2)  You can submit additional bikes beyond the first two for “approval”, and really great bikes will get approved right away.  Bikes that are not quite as exciting will be “wait listed” so that others have the chance to display at least one or two.  But we won’t keep you “wait listed” for long – maybe a week or two.  We know that folks are making packing plans so we won’t keep you hanging.

(3)  How do I submit a bicycle for approval?  You fill out a form for each bicycle.  The link is at the bottom of this column.  If the system asks you for “permission” to access the form (it shouldn’t) please request access and we’ll promptly grant access.

(4)   No bicycles may be registered to be judged after August 16th.  On August 17th, signs will be printed for each bicycle to be judged and provided to you at the show.  This sign will have your category, bicycle details, and additional info that we’ll use for judging and for creating the awards certificates. 

(5)   If there is remaining display space for bicycles after August 16 (or maybe even on show day) it’s possible attendees can still bring their bicycle for the show to be displayed but not formally judged.  If this is the case, you will hand-enter info on a display sign on the day of the show.  Your bike will be eligible for the peoples choice award, but won’t be formally judged.   As the event gets closer, a status box will be added to this page to update you on space availability. 

Click Here for the Registration Form

Remember – Submit one form for each bicycle you want to display. 


if you made a mistake on a form or if you wish to add information after submission.

Additional Information

You will need a stand to support your bicycle that is not wobbly.  More info below.  We need to avoid damaging the ballroom floor, so sharp contact points on your bicycle and/or stand most be treated to avoid damage. 

Volunteers will have their eyes on the display area, but neither the museum nor Classic Bicycles Auburn can be responsible for loss or damage to your bicycle.  There may be a waiver to fill out when you arrive to display your bicycle

Bicycle set-up for the show is from 7:30 to 8:45am.  The current plan is that signs by the main entrance to the museum will direct you. The bicycle show runs from 9am to 2:45pm (or so) with awards around 2:15pm.  Please wait until 2:45pm or so for breakdown so that folks can look at the winners and chat with the owners.

Bicycles that clearly get “ridden” and some liberties taken with exact period correctness are welcome.  They may be grouped in to a category that honors how well the bike’s been made user-friendly while maintaining it’s original spirit and elegance.

Bicycles that are presented with extreme focus on period correctness will be eligible for special category recognition.

Bicycles that are exceptionally well preserved for their age are sure to peak the interest of the judges. 

While cleanliness and pristine condition is rewarded in judging, over-the-top obsessive cleaning like many clean competitions in car shows is not likely to get you many extra points.   We’d much rather participants talk to their friends at the show than obsess over every crevice with rags and Q tips. 

Unlike some shows, if a bicycle you are showing is also for sale, you can provide your cell number and it will be printed on your bike’s display sign. 

Stand Info

We want bikes on stands so they aren’t tippy.  Tippy is subjective, but if folks do their best to bring stable stands we should be fine.

A stand that offers what we think offers a minimal level of stability is the Superstand shown below.. 

You can purchase one in advance and it will be waiting for you at the show.  Click Here.

A great stand is the Nitto C-2 – any shop that buys form EuroAsia imports can source one for you.  But it’s pricey.

There are other stands that support one or both sides of the axle which work nicely.  The key is someone should be able to gently back into a bike without it tipping over as they “feel” the bike and stop backing into it!

Below are images of stands that are too tippy.  We think the common feedback stands are too tippy – relative to the Superstand, just a slight bump makes the bike fall over.

All Stands Below Are Unacceptable