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Check-in for Seminars and Banquet (you must be preregistered)

Please enter through the front entrance of the museum where you will be directed to the ballroom area where most activities occur.  You will be able to pick up your name badge at the reception table.

Note that the Saturday seminars now commence at 11:15am.

Note – bicycles are not permitted to pass through the museum’s front entrance.  If you have a bicycle with you (perhaps for a pop-up display) you must instead enter through the rear entrance (described at the bottom of this page)

Set-up and Check-in for Sunday bicycle display

Bicycles for the display must be brought in through the rear entrance (see below).  Set up starts at 7:10 am and must be completed by 9 am sharp (let’s call it 8:45 – please!)

Bicycles that are eligible for the show are those which people have registered using the google form.  If you successfully submitted a bicycle using the google form, unless you heard otherwise, your bicycle(s) was accepted and a sign has been made for it and space has been allocated

When you enter the ballroom through the rear entrance, you will be directed to a specific place in the ballroom that will have a pre-made sign with information you provided at sign up.  You will need to have a secure stand to hold your bicycle.  Also, it is critical that your bicycle go in the assigned space in order to facilitate judging and bicycle identification.

Please keep your bicycle in it’s assigned location until 3pm.  We noted that many bicycles were signed-up as display-only and not to be judged.  All bicycles, though, will be eligible for peoples choice awards

    Food at the Sunday Show and Swap

There will be a food truck at the Sunday show and swap.  As a bonus, weekend attendees will be getting a coupon that can be redeemed to augment your cash purchases at the food truck.  The food truck will have a Mexican menu and we expect there to be some nice vegetarian offerings. 


Swap Vendor Information

Set-up for the swap starts at 7:10 am on Sunday.  Doors open to the public at 9am. You must enter through the rear door (directions below).  Bicycles and bulky things can only pass through the rear door.  If you sell a bicycle, the purchaser must leave through the back door as well.  Note that each space will have an 8 foot table and chairs.  We must take good care of the tables, so it’s advisable that you bring some kind of table covering.  Also, make sure anything displayed in your area does not have anything sharp that can damage the floor. 

Some folks paid for a double space.  If you only have a single space and are concerned that you may have “too much stuff” and need extra room, please email us and we’ll see if we can juggle things in rooms adjacent to the ballroom to give you more room (it is very limited though).  The entire indoor area the show has access to should get very good “traffic” all day

The show and swap will end right around 3pm.  Please be prepared to clean out your space in order to be sure the museum is happy with us and welcomes us back in the future.  In 2022 folks did a great job cleaning up and the museum was pleased – let’s keep it that way!

New Additions

Again, note that the seminars on Saturday begin at 11:15am.  Also note – Classic Bicycles Auburn is pleased to announce that the famous bicycle author Maynard Hershon will present a reading and answer questions Sunday at 1pm.  His presentation may be outside depending on weather.


The Rear Entrance and Loading

Bicycles and bulky items (including things on a hand truck) can’t pass through the main museum entrance.  

The rear entrance is pretty easy to find.  The “main” museum entrance is on the side of the building.  Don’t go through it.  Instead, walk to the left of the main entrance and continue walking around the perimeter of the building.  Don’t go through the doors that go into the museum’s kitchen, but instead keep walking until you see an open door where “the action is” and there will be people there to greet you.  The whole area is pretty compact and it will be obvious once you are there.

If you are in a spot really close to the rear door, please unload quickly and then move your vehicle so that others can park close and unload.  Again, the entire area is pretty small.  So the museum parking spaces which are nearby are not too far at all.  This is an easy event to load and unload into.  But if you have lots of stuff, bringing a hand truck is probably a good idea.