About The Show

While Classic Bicycles Auburn 2022 is an opportunity to feast on fine bicycles, the event is really about bringing together people who share a passion for uncommon excellence.  Gorgeous bicycles and automobiles are likely to become secondary in your memory to the personal connections.

Craftsmanship, brilliant engineering, timeless beauty, and the thrill of adventure and speed all come together in fine bicycles and automobiles.  These attributes are often embodied in the most luxurious of products, but sometimes in well-thought-out affordable products designed for widespread enjoyment.   There were many glorious bicycles that were never “the most expensive”.  They were glorious because of superior engineering.

At the Auburn Cord Duesenberg you will learn about the passion of individuals who created an enduring legacy in the pantheon of human achievement.  Many bicycle builders left (or are currently creating) similar legacies.   The similarities of the human experience in pursuit of excellence in either field can be illuminating.

It is understood that many bicycle enthusiasts have ambivalent feelings towards automobiles.  While we soak in the history and elegance of the motorized machines, we can use the setting to imagine a world in which the automobile’s influence is reduced and the role of the bicycle (and mass transit systems) is much greater.  We can study and appreciate brilliant engineering.  And we certainly can marvel at how all types of machines designed to get us from one point to another can be a feast for the eyes.

In late-spring 2021 we’ll start announcing the host hotels for the event so you can start making your travel plans for August 2022.  In late-summer or early-fall 2021 we expect to open up registration.

For automobile enthusiasts, it’s important to note that Classic Bicycles Auburn is being held just a few days before the internationally famous Auburn Cord Duesenberg festival.  We already know of folks who plan to come for the bicycles, and then stay for the car festival!  We choose the date for the bicycle festival specially to allow auto enthusiasts this opportunity.

The event is a fundraiser for the museum – all proceeds in excess of show production costs will be donated to the museum.  While the Duesenberg name is associated with wealth, Classic Bicycles Auburn will do everything possible to keep event fees affordable.  This is an event for everyone!   In fact, due to sponsor donations, the cost of this event is likely to be lower than other similar events.  Since the event is not in a major city, the costs of production and lodging are comparatively low.  Of course, there will be opportunities for attendees to make additional donations to the museum during the event.