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Classic Bicycles Auburn 2022

A celebration of vintage lightweight bicycles and craftsmanship

August 26 – 28  2022

To be held at the prestigious Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, Auburn Indiana

Convenient to Indianapolis, Detroit, Chicago.  Consider taking Amtrak – it stops 7 miles from Auburn! 

An independent event organized to promote vintage bicycles with proceeds to benefit the museum
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Concours  d’Elegance and 
Swap Meet

On Sunday, in the ballroom under the same roof as the worlds greatest motorcars, a dazzling array of the worlds most beautiful and technically advanced-for-their-age bicycles will be brought together.  The main focus is lightweight racing bicycles from the 1930’s through mid 1980’s.  High-performance mountain bikes of the period will also be welcomed.  Of course, earlier antique bicycles will be a special treat that we hope to see well represented. While not a focus of the event, there will be provision for a limited display of balloon / cruiser bicycles.    

While the Concours is taking place, there will be a swap meet outside.  The focus will be on vintage road, mountain, and antique bicycles.  Some limited swap meet space will be earmarked for balloon/cruiser vendors who wish to join us. 

Note that in the case of extremely nice weather, the Concours d’Elegance may be moved outside.  



 The area surrounding the museum is beautiful with meandering country roads and lovely small towns.  There is some great gravel too!  


A Feast of Mechanical Excellence

Be surrounded by the glorious automobiles and bicycles, and inspiration through the story of their development. It’s all about the quest for mechanical excellence.  Bicycles and automobile enthusiasts are often drawn to other mechanical objects. In this spirit, the 2022 Classic Bicycles Auburn show has invited Dan Tamarkin of Tamarkin Camera to show and discuss Leica engineering gems of the 1930’s and later.  



On Saturday, enjoy an array of engaging seminars. Experts on vintage bicycles as well as those bridging the bicycle and automotive fields will share their knowledge. 

As cyclists, we acknowledge the ambivalence many of us feel towards automobiles and their societal impacts.  We plan to offer a seminar on the impacts of automobiles, bicycles, and mass transit on both the environment and population growth patterns.   


Banquet Dinner

Saturday evening  enjoy a wonderful dinner in the ballroom, visit with friends new and old, and hear from engaging speakers.  The museum’s curator will take us through a presentation that includes discussion of the Duesenberg brothers; they were initially involved in the bicycle business and Fred Duesenberg was a championship bicycle racer!  During the dinner there will be a few items auctioned off to support the museum and local charities


An Adventure Thru Time

As you experience the exhibits and hear the presentations, you’ll experience an amazing journey through time.  The automotive story is intertwined with the history of America.  The great automobiles are displayed in the actual factory dealer showroom.  But before you get too carried away with your surroundings, you’ll be drawn again to the amazing bicycles.